Action Blox App Reviews

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Good app but...

This app is awesome but it needs a update because the display is off centerd by a lot and the controals are a little touchey but the stages are the same ones as on the pc but over all its a great app

Not fair

Its not fair bcuz in the pictures it has landscape mode but wen we play it it doesnt?!?! NOT FAIR but it still is fun if they change it to landscape!!!!

Fun but ghetto

The game is fun but its a ghetto mess. The picture is off centered. Pic gets cut off. Needs to be in landscape mode. It looks so dumb! How could they release it that way? Didnt someone test it? Its still fun though. Just needs work.

Fix Landscape!

Will be good once the landscape issue is fixed. Unacceptable as is.


You cant get past level five because you cant see the screen! They just need to turn it sideways so you can see the whole thing. If that was fixed then id be obsessed with this game. I cant believe i wasted $1.99 on this non functional game!

Needs update!!!!!

This game is fun on the pc but on the iPod its alright ther is no landscape view and stages are cut off other than that its fun

Mis-advertised and broken

Dont be fooled by the images above. This game is broken. While the game starts out in landscape, it quickly switches to portrait without resizing the game board. This leaves half your screen blank. At that point, you are stuck constantly switching back and forth between moving the block, and panning the screen. Apps like this is why Apple is banning flash games on the app store. Developers... fix your apps or please remove them. Apple… how the heck did this app get through the approval dragnet? Considering how long this app has been without an update, Ill most likely be asking for a refund.

Ok game

Fun game but need to change it to lanscape it is hard to play like this

Please update Action Blox!

This game has alot of potential BUT it lacks the ability to rotate to see the whole screen making it hard to play. An update would be appreciated!


I bought this game last summer because I really liked it on Coolmath on my PC. It has always looked like it plays landscape, but doesnt. First fault. It has never gone past level 25, because it is impossible to win level 25. Second fault. Now, I upgraded to OS 4 on my 3GS and the darn thing will not start! If they dont fix it soon, Im trashing it!!!

Game wont even work!!

Every time I start this game now it just exits and goes to the home screen. And when it did work the camera was offhand made it hard to play. They reallllyyyy need to update this.

This game doesnt work on iPhone 4

Game just opens then shuts down. Dont buy it until they fix it.

Doesnt work

Shuts down as soon as it opens!


It doesnt even work! As soon as u open itit shuts down/dont buy it.

Crashes right at start!

Game loads and then crashes - two different iPod Touches!

Update Didnt Fix Anything

I got this game when it first came out, and it worked beautifully. Then the glitch that made the game display in portrait as opposed to landscape like it should happened, and I stopped playing. When I saw there was an update that supposedly fixed the glitch, I became excited and downloaded the update instantaneously. Unfortunately, it hasnt fixed anything and the game is as glitchy as ever. Used to be 5 stars, now its at 2. Fix this bug, please!


The best game :D :P

It works

This app actually works now update it it is amazing its flawless now Im so happy

I love this

I love the game but sometimes when I slide my finger to go forward it goes to the side and I have to restart the level because the block goes over the edge!.

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